Let Them Eat Cake…..No, make mine tuna! Seriously!!!

A few months ago one of our dear neighbors asked if our kitty cats liked tuna because they had several cans to give away. I thought maybe it was some off-brand packed in oil, but it was actually a well-known brand and one that we frequently purchase at Costco.  Jerry and I decided the cats would not be feasting on this, especially because it could start a trend here—the little socialists thinking it a permanent replacement of  their hum drum Fancy Feast.  No, Siree Babe,  that tuna went in our pantry. We never told Hekyl and Jekyl it wasn’t a gift for them.  We actually didn’t tell our generous neighbors either.  I  guess now they are learning the truth. Sigh………

In doing an inventory of what remains  in our pantry, I counted the cans of tuna and breathed a prayer of thanks.  And then I had a flashback of an incident that happened way back in about 1972.  We were living in a 12’x60’ mobile home in Virginia Beach with 1 and 3 year old little sons.  Jerry was in the Navy as an overworked and underpaid enlisted man, and I worked from home typing dissertations and doctoral theses as well as medical reports. Most of my work had to be done while the boys were napping or after they were down for the night.  Doing this work at the kitchen table eventually created back problems that to this day helps my chiropractor pay his rent. Yes, we were definitely poor, but we were happy.  We ate a  lot of  tuna in those days, partly because it  was  inexpensive but mainly because it was easy to fix in either sandwiches or casseroles and a definite timesaver for this working mom.  One day a neighbor popped for coffee. She ranted on about how poor  they were and didn’t have enough in the house to eat, yada yada yada. In an attempt  to show a little of God’s love, I offered her several cans of  tuna, but you  would have thought I slapped her in the face.  “I’m  sick of  tuna,”  she lamented, but she took  the offering  anyway.  When I told dear Jerry about the visit, he  reminded me all of our military neighbors made approximately the same salary which meant we were all poor!  The lady didn’t have a job (not sure why)  and they had no children at that time.  Jerry probably mulled this over said something like, “And you gave away some of our tuna? What were you  thinking?”  No,  he likely didn’t say that since it’s not his nature, but maybe he should have. I wonder where that lady is now and if she has learned to adapt to whatever the Lord provides or if she’s one who’s having a pity party about nothing to eat but  tuna? Sure do hope she and others like her have matured and learned to seriously deal with it. Like I used to remind our kids, starving children in China would LOVE to have your tuna! And yes, the boys did encourage us to send the tuna to China. Seriously spoiled kids!!!!

In these times of uncertainly, I  like  to  think we would all share tuna or whatever else our neighbors may need.   I believe everyone of you reading this are of the same  mindset.  I know our neighbors would share with us because they have already offered to do so.  Whether it be tuna, toilet paper, antibacterial  wipes or lavender cookies, don’t be afraid to take a risk  and share what you have with others.  Don and  Rae, neighbors extraordinaire,  if you would like your tuna returned, we will be happy to give you  what’s left. Seriously!!!

Father Raman, Catholic priest, 1581-1660, penned the following: “Be careful to preserve  your health.  It is a trick of the devil,  which he employs to deceive good souls,  to  incite them to do more than they are able, in order that they may no longer be able  to do anything.”  I found that little gem in Patches of Godlight, Father Tim’s Favorite Quotes by Jan Karon.  A good reminder we should  do  all  we can to help  others  but take good care of our own health  in the process.  May the Lord be with you and keep  you in His loving care.


  1. Nothing you write is ever lame! We all have different experiences and I love being able to identify with others experiences. Many things you write about are so meaningful to me. Don’t sell yourself short! Love your blog….

  2. Evelyn Wright

    Nice blog. I too have been fighting despair over the current situation. Btw, for some reason I think your kitties shouldn’t have that tuna. I seem to remember reading somewhere that canned tuna is not good for cats. I’ll have to google that. Tuna is not my favourite either, but I’ve certainly eaten a lot of it! On the bright side it is good for humans!

  3. Sharon Madson

    I love your blogs and miss you, Jerry and the two cats!!
    I am getting a bit bogged down in attitude some days with all this social distancing and all the precautions we take, but I try to concentrate on all the blessings we have, which includes old friends, new friends and the amazing family that I haven’t been able to hug (‘sniff’) for months. This too shall pass…..right? Keep the blogs coming!

  4. Linda Johnson

    Your message was filled with humorous recollections and great wisdom. Thank you dear Charlotte!! During this lengthy quarantine (now no longer mandated) I am reminded how wonderful it is to have leisurely days with less anxiety. Probably it’s because I am a genuine optimist who listens to classical music from morning until late at night. The news does not filter into my mind……..but I am very aware of international (and national) political, cultural and civil events happening in the world. During the week I listen to/watch webinars (seminars with diplomats, world leaders, journalists) via the Internet.Now you have time to prepare a delicious tuna sandwich!! Love, Linda

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