About Me


Who in the world am I and why have I set up a blog?  I’m a wife, mother & grandmother who has been encouraged by family and friends to write my thoughts about a cazillion subjects.  Some will be serious, others hopefully funny, and still others thought provoking. If you  like what  I say,  please tell  me. If you  don’t  like what I say, please tell me; however, please be gentle.  I’m old and tired and on oral chemo twice daily for an incurable  disease. But please, no pity. It’s very possible I will outlive you as long as I take my meds and stay away from toxic people and toxic environments. I’ve always been a bit of an open book, unashamed to share my faith in God and my views on just about everything.  Certainly not claiming to be right about everything—-just incredibly opinionated!  My greatest talent is living without talent AND loving  people of every race, religion,  creed,  yada yada yada. I’m doing this blog more for myself than for you, but  if you get a chuckle or two or hopefully receive some inspiration from my ramblings, then it will most  likely  be  worth  the  time and effort put  into this new project!

Blessings and peace,


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