Will we still be friends after the election, and am I a rascist? Seriously?

Over the past months leading up to this coming Tuesday and the election, I have seen the relationships between families and friends damaged or even destroyed over politics. A few months ago I posted something on Facebook that caused quite a stir amongst some friends (and readers who don’t even know me) and one person even asked for her name to be removed from my distribution list; and then more backlash occurred after my last two blogs. Let me tell you it really hurts to be called a racist! I was brought up in a home where race was rarely discussed (maybe because we were too busy working the land, milking the cows, feeding the chickens, ducks, pigs, and lambs and riding the horses)! But  I remember one year for Christmas my mom gave me a doll that was black. I don’t know what motivated her, but I do know I cared for that little dolly just like the others. I like to think that Mom was telling me in her own way that we are all God’s children and color doesn’t matter. I remember singing in our little country church the words “Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world, red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world.” I remember thinking as a little girl that I had never seen a red child or a yellow child. My first encounter with a black child was about age ten.  I had no concept of a yellow person or a red person! Perhaps that’s one of the joys of being raised on a small farm in Minnesota! Years later my family talked a little more about our heritage, and as I have shared before, I am at least 1/8 Native American, a redskin, a Lakota Sioux.  Also have some Susquehanna Indian blood mixed in with the Irish, English, Danish and German (and who knows what else). What a crazy mixture! My skin is lily white, but I don’t have any control over that, nor do I feel a need to apologize for it or for so called white privilege. I’m proud of my Native American heritage, and I’m happy that today I still believe in in my heart the words to the above referenced song. For anyone who thinks that I’m a racist, I wish you had been there when we had a young pregnant Choctow Indian living in our home when she had no place else to go after a limited 30 day stay at Salvation Army. She came to us through the Crisis Pregnancy Center;  and because we are pro-life we desired to do more than just “talk the talk”. We were also blessed to have a young woman of Indian heritage (from the country of India) with her 3 year old daughter live with us when she was attempting to distance herself from a life of crime and immorality. These young women were with us at different times and each stayed about 5-6 months. I share this with you NOT to lift Jerry and me up BUT TO LIFT UP THE NAME OF GOD who put the love in our hearts to serve Him just as He has hopefully accomplished in all of you! If I am a racist, I hope God reveals it to me and corrects me. May He keep all of us CONFIDENT but HUMBLE! Last week I had my photo taken with a lovely young woman whose skin happens to be black. We thought about posting the photo but it would likely come across as self-serving and might even make me look like a racist trying to make an effort at some kind of redemption. Sadly, we are living in times where criticism abounds. We often hear it said “no good deed goes unpunished.” I have seriously done my best to choose my words carefully, but I am prepared for criticism. Hopefully God will give me the grace to remember the words from Proverbs 15:1 “A soft answer turns away wrath but grievous words stir up anger.” May you have a blessed day and no matter what happens on Tuesday or the days following, please hold on tight to faith and hope!


  1. goldenlady

    Charlotte – Excellent blog and no, you are not a racist. The left plays the racist card whenever someone is in disagreement with them. I encourage everyone to read and deeply analyze the term “racist”. It is so sad that people are losing friends, and most important family, over this election. You have to wonder, “how much do I really mean” to people I truly care about?

  2. Julie Brown


    Well said. What these people don’t realize it that they are the racists for calling you a racist when they don’t even know you. How dare they form an opinion without all the facts. And they are probably the same ones voting for someone before they do any research of the true facts and would regret that vote if that candidate ever got in office and pushed the evil agenda that has been proposed. My opinion is that people who don’t want to bother researching the facts should not vote and the people who judge you without knowing you should not be called your friends.

  3. Linda Johnson

    Oh sweet Charlotte, you are not racist. Like you, I remember getting the Amos-Andra dolly when i was very young and absolutely loved her. No one thought about race in 1950 Los Angeles, we were just all a group of friends.
    Despite our political differences, of course, we will be friends before and after the election. Onward……
    love, Linda

  4. Kathleen Barclay

    I think you did a beautiful job writing your blog, Char!! Keep up the good work! I don’t necessarily think you have to explain yourself, all of us are flawed and that’s why Christ died for us! Not a one of us does this life perfectly, but that’s where forgiveness and grace come in, because if there is anyone whom we have snubbed, belittled and run away from (at times), it’s Jesus!! He suffered the worst abuse from humans, and yet went ahead and died a horrific death on the cross for those same people!!! I believe if we all keep our eyes focused on Him, He will give us the ability to reconcile with one another and to have patience and perseverence in our relationships! Love you Sister!!

  5. Melanie Abbott

    Char, don’t buy into the Left’s distraction about racism. Of course you are not a “racist”….there is no “systemic” racism in our country…but there certainly is systemic corruption! This corruption needs many distractions to keep the sheeple otherwise occupied. Don’t allow yourself to be hurt by sheeple who don’t know what is going on. Keep your eye off the ball and have faith in yourself. Love, Melanie

  6. Linda

    What a wonderful blog! It’s such a shame that people who don’t agree with each other have to call each other names! This country has become a very
    sad one, and let’s hope things improve while we’re still alive!



  7. rhonda

    Well said Charlotte. What is happening now is setting minorities back 50 years. So very sad. My grandchildren are of many races. Some unknown but easily guessed. Our children and grand children were not raised to see a difference in color. They know that without skin we are all the same. Blind people have no idea what color you are. Politics are using these people as a weapon.

  8. Glenda

    You are loved at the deepest level by divine love❤️ All people are but do not have the awareness/ knowledge of that divine love, so they are lost and afraid. They act and say cruel things because they are lost! Let start to send divine love to pierce their hearts!!!!

  9. Donna Hewell

    Well spoken, Charlotte. Mud balls are flying back and forth, a few irate relatives choose to rant, and the division widens. I like to imagine Jesus at the table, me as a spectator and watch his reactions as events unfold. I tried to cast my vote using that as a guide. Whatever the outcome of this election, our collective mission remains to care for one another, lift each other, and remember that only love heals. I don’t know who you voted for, but I do love you.

  10. Sally

    That term has been used too freely in the last decade. I sometimes think people have forgotten the definition.
    You are very kind and compassionate…. never a racist.
    Pray for the haters and keep showing us your joy.

  11. Diana


  12. Paivikki Buchwalter

    Well stated, as always.
    One thing I try to remember when I get called names – well, two things… One – that is how Jesus was treated (and he told us there will be difficulties in life) and two – not to respond in kind… not always easy…but remembering Psalm 25:21-22 (be nice even to your enemy) is helpful…

    No matter what happens in these elections, my relationship with you does not change. We are sisters in Christ and that is unchangeable. However, we may be needing each other’s support more than ever before once November third has passed.

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