A True Christmas Miracle! Seriously!!!

In 1974 my sweet Jerry was temporarily laid off work for two weeks over the holidays, with no paycheck coming in. Just recently out of the military, we had put our meager savings into a down payment on our first home with a bare minimum for furniture.

We drove nonstop from Houston to Indiana to live with his parents for those two weeks so Jerry could work for his Dad. We were both very downhearted with no money to buy any gifts for our boys. We knew his parents would come through for our kids, but it would be practical things like clothes and pajamas. Driving home with his Dad late one evening just before Christmas, on a long, lonely stretch of highway, his Dad swerved to keep from hitting a large box on the highway. They stopped to move it and found it to be a heavy box, loaded with toys—not just any toys but perfect ones for two little boys ages 3 & 4. I had serious doubts that the “mystery” unmarked box had just appeared from out of nowhere, but both Jerry and his Dad repeated assured us they had nothing to do with this and it truly was a Christmas miracle! Today, 46 years later, we both still marvel at this wonderful experience that could only have been orchestrated by a loving God! I seriously doubt our sons remember this Christmas miracle, but it remains in our hearts forever!

May you and your loved ones experience the miracle of Christmas or Hanukkah, and may you enjoy the peace that passes all understanding! Stay tuned for my next blog how Jerry and I survived COVID19 and some valuable lessons learned!


  1. Melanie Abbott

    What a touching, wonderful story you shared with us Char! It will remain in your hearts forever and add to your Christmas cheer. We have been such a lucky society and must always remember to give thanks for our many blessings. We are so glad you and Jerry have recovered from Covid and will be enjoying the Christmas Season upon us. Melanie

    • Mary Anne Fighera

      What a lovely memory! And, especially…rejoicing to hear that you both feel well now and are ready for the joy that is Christmas! Love and hugs from Virginia❣️

  2. God always provides! He is so good, and hearing stories like this reminds my heart when things feel heavy to look UP and not left and right. Thank you, sweet Charlotte, for the wonderful reminder!

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