Seriously bad poetry!

Obviously I’m no poet, and my feet show. They are size 9 long fellows, but we had some good news yesterday and this crazy attempt at poetry just kind of flew through my mind. Because of daily doses of oral chemo over the past 4 years, my brain is foggy but I really do try to have fun with the good and the bad. Bear with me, please!

Four squares* and seven weeks ago we all could travel the whole world o’er. *of toilet paper
Sweet Jerry and I sailed away on a ship all the way to Panama with nary a blip!
But the times sure have changed and the world’s in a mess,
There’s no place to go so why bother to dress?
We stay in our pajamas most of the day and watch mindless TV to wile the hours away.
When we sneak to  the store our faces are masked as we load up on junk food not considered in the past.
I am losing my mind it’s plain to see or I wouldn’t be attempting to write bad poetry.
Now go take on the day, Dr Laura would say,  but  she  just doesn’t get it we’d prefer to run away!
But seriously, my friends, that is really not true!
We’d  just like to play Mah Jongg for an hour or two with a group of good friends, eating snacks, sipping iced tea.
I can’t think of a place that I rather would be.
But it’s off to the doctor, sure that is a treat. She will weigh me and lecture about all the carbs that I eat.
She will scold me about fat grams, chips and desserts,
Not knowing her harsh judgment really does hurt.
But wait, there is good news, my platelets have dropped to  the lowest they’ve been since I was diagnosed three years ago with this wretched disease! So the quarantine is not all bad.

Thank you for putting up with me, and thanks so much for all the prayers these past 3 years. Unfortunately, I must remain on the drugs, but we are so encouraged! My prayer for each of you is good health, a positive attitude in these challenging times, and the strength to endure whatever is thrown your way. God bless you, and may God bless, save and heal America!


  1. Sue

    That is such good news, Char! Could it be all the rest you are getting has healed your body? Enjoy the carbs and hopefully we’ll see each other soon! Many hugs…

  2. Peggy

    Fabulous news for a lady named Charlotte
    Let all of us applaude and clap a lot
    And you sweet one
    Should eat sugar plums
    You deserve to celebrate your news

  3. Pat

    That is wonderful news. Could it be the junk food that is healing? No, but it doesn’t hurt to have a goody once in awhile. So happy for your good jews.

  4. Henry Mungle

    You are as feisty as you always have been. We are glad to hear all is good and look forward to our next visit. Your cookies are always good. Our prayers are with you.

  5. Loved your poetry! We all need some humor. Glad your son’s and girlfriend’s health is improving. And I’m not sure I knew you took chemo. Is this something new for you? Charles is facing radiation treatment for cancer. We will be praying for you. And please join our other friends in prayer for Charles. Love you and Jerry. Bess Kirby

  6. Glenda

    Hurrah your platelets have been lowered by this quiet life you are leading
    the wonderful books you are reading
    and the successful foods you are eating!!!

  7. Gracie

    That is great news, Char. But, I didn’t know about the chemo. What is your diagnosis,? if you want to say. Either way, I love you and am glad your numbers are improving.

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