Writer’s Block or Memory Loss, Seriously???

For those of you who  have asked why I haven’t  blogged for quite a while, here are some of the reasons: We’ve been away from Arizona all of November so far except for 5 days. First a trip to Boise and then to  Las Vegas. While traveling and since returning home,  I have composed several  writings and  don’t feel good about any of them and am going through frustration with memory issues and inability to stay focused.

Today’s message is to assure you we are alive and well in Anthem. This  morning I picked up Jan Karon’s book Patches of God Light and asked the Lord to show me one of Father Tim’s favorite quotes. The book fell open to this page: “When you  find yourself facing an issue in your life, the purpose or reason or good thing that might come out of it being completely hidden from you—what do you do? Do you worry and fret,  become preoccupied with the problem? Do you ignore it or  avoid it? Do you complain about it, do you want to  run away from it? Or do you see it as a  situation in  which you might be able to experience the power and grace of God at work? Do you watch for the work of God that is to be done in  this  situation?”—Fr. John Yates, Falls Church

This really spoke to my heart as I have been guilty of  all the above. In addition, we grieve the serious illness of one who has touched us so deeply, and we also grieve for friends who are going through horrendous trials and temptations, pain and even death.  When we reflect on the challenges in the lives of others, our problems don’t seem so overwhelming.  In this season of Thanksgiving, help us remain constantly thankful, Dear God, and continue with a grateful heart every day, week, month and year that we are given the gift of life!


  1. Diana

    Dear Char, Thank you , It is a reminder that most of life’s situations are out of my control. I’m a fix it person, need to remind myself that God is in control. The peace is to know that HE has it, and the situation is under HIS control. Bless you, Diana

  2. Linda Johnson

    Oh Charlotte, what an absolutely perfect message for November! Your writing style is straight from the heart and the message resonated with me and probably with everyone reading it.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving……love, Linda.

  3. Brenda

    Another great post Char 😘 Take good care of you, and know you are always in our thoughts & prayers, and our hearts. If we are able to make it down there this winter, we will come see you for a much overdue visit.

  4. Amen! Thank you Char for your blogs whenever they come. God uses you. You are a blessing! The thoughts and messages touch us at the point of our needs. What a wonderful Savior we have. Please take care of yourself. Love and prayers, Bess K

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