Who’s your Daddy? Seriously?!

I really struggled with this, my latest blog, as I think you will understand if and when you choose to read it. Is this airing too much family scandal? Is it more information than any of us need to know? Will it cause any of the family pain? Is there any good that can result from this? I believe my motives are right and good things can happen. Perhaps there are some who have previously felt left out of the family circle who will now be accepted by at least some of us. In recent days I shared the passing of my brother Fran, but what I didn’t tell you is a new family member came into my life just a few days after Fran went to heaven.  A lovely couple and their son from Minnesota came by to visit us during their brief visit to the Phoenix area. We had known this family since around 2000 when we attended the same church in Minnesota, but we had spent very little time with them because they are so much younger, and we just didn’t hang out in the same circles.  As the years passed, this family put two and two together once they learned my maiden name. They came to the conclusion that we are related. Seriously? This story is kind of like a combination of a soap opera, the old- time song “I’m My Own Grandpa,” and a rather naughty mystery. In some respects I wish they had made the relationship known to me sooner, but I can see how perfect the timing.  While I was in the midst of grieving the loss of my brother, a nephew came into my life, making a total of seven awesome nephews to love and cherish!

Here’s part 1 of this saga. About 1957 when I was 12 years old, I had a little dispute with one of my classmates in our small two room country school in rural Minnesota. During that confrontation, in an effort to upset me or put me in my place, this snarky little classmate informed me that a certain man in our community was my older brother. I really didn’t know this man, and since he was much older than I and older than my siblings, I knew this was just impossible. With ruffled feathers and on a mission to find out why anyone would say such a thing, I rushed in the door after school and told my mom about this allegation. I still remember Mom’s subdued demeanor as she sat me down and revealed a shocking revelation. Now in this current year of 2019 this would likely be no big deal, but 62 years ago it was a major scandal so stories like this were swept under the rug and kept somewhat hush hush. Actually, there had probably been dozens of tongues wagging in the community, and the gossips must have loved whispering about this, at least until some other juicy scandal occurred to direct their minds elsewhere. I consider myself fortunate that the gossip didn’t hit my tender ears until I was old enough to handle it. Seriously!!!

If you want to know the rest of the story, tune in next week for part 2 of “Who’s Your Daddy?” I will share why I believe the scripture in Romans 8:28 fits into this part of my life story. In the meantime, ponder these words of Thomas Jefferson, “Any woodsman can tell you that in a broken and sundered nest, one can hardly find more than a precious few whole eggs.  So it is with the family.”

My wish for you, family and friends, is a lovely Easter basket filled with eggs, preferably chocolate, and a thankful heart for the resurrection of our Lord!!!!!


  1. Roxanne Lillis

    I look forward to more. You know me, I love family history. Let me tell you, this is going to become more frequent as DNA kits become more frequent. The skeletons will come out of the closet.

  2. Linda Johnson

    Oh my………this is interesting and rather humorous given the time between occurrence and news……..I’ll read the update next and write again.
    Love, Linda

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