What in the world is happening? Seriously?!!

The world’s going crazy, it’s truly going mad, I feel so sorry for all moms and dads! “So stop with the poetry attempts and get on with today’s message”, my smarter side of the brain just advised!

If you’re hearing the same things I’m hearing, you too are troubled about the condition of our nation and our world.  There’s a lot of chaos and uncertainty. When I accidentally stumbled across a series of books Chaos in the blink of an Eye, I immediately ordered the first book using Kindle Unlimited. Then a search on computer took me to the author’s website where I copied a portion and am sharing here:

“Patrick Higgins is an Amazon bestseller and award-winning author of the prophetic end times series, “Chaos in the Blink of an Eye.” The “CHAOS” in our present world is well documented in this series, which won the Radiqx Press Spirit-Filled Fiction Award of Excellence, soon after the first installment was published.

Download now and see for yourself why more than 2,000 positive ratings/reviews have already been posted on Amazon and Goodreads…and counting! The first 6 installments are now available. Once completed, there will be 12 books in the series.

He also wrote “I Never Knew You”, “The Pelican Trees”, “Coffee in Manila”, and “The Unannounced Christmas Visitor”, which won the 2018 Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal in Christian fiction.”

Please consider at least giving Book 1 a try.  I couldn’t put it down. Then I flew through the second one.  A few minutes ago I downloaded book 3 which I believe is the unveiling of the antichrist.

Signing off to start reading, but I feel impressed to leave you with these words from the Bible, “Fear not!!!”  My search tells us there are 365 “fear nots” in the Bible, one for every day of the year. I haven’t counted them but have been advised there are even more then 365. From my favorite version (King James) the words from Isaiah 41:10 “Fear thou not, for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God; I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.”

I am sharing this book/author information because even though I am an incredibly flawed sinner, God has put a burden on my heart to share the promises and peace He has given me.  Sending love, hugs and blessings until next time!


  1. Henry Mungle

    I truly believe we are seeing the beginnings of the end times as predicted about our generation. The establishment of Israel in 1948 is the most demonstrable sign. Our country is and has been going through the same dynamics as Noah when he presented warnings to his people and they ignored him. People today are ignoring the obvious signs. There is a series on Amazon Prime in four parts on these issues. The one about Noah is part II and well worth the time to watch and come to an understanding of what is happening right before our eyes.

  2. Thank you Char so much. I do want to read “Chaos in the blink of an Eye”. All of this sounds wonderful! And thank you for your recent call. It meant so much to us. Sending love and prayers.

  3. Steve Wallin

    Charlotte – thanks for sharing. I will look these books up. I often wonder what my folks thought about this topic AT THE TIME – living through the great depression, and then WWII, and then the Cold War, with the constant threat of bombs from the USSR. Not to mention Korea and Vietnam. Was the worst the 1960s and us baby boomers creating havoc? The history books appear to tell us there was great optimism after WWII – when us baby boomers were conceived and born. And yet great fear at the same time. That being said, my perception is that it is much worse now. The church in the US and around the world is under attack by secularist forces. But I cling to the “Fear Not” promises. Miss you Charlotte.

  4. Paivikki Buchwalter

    Thank you Charlotte!
    I’d go a bit further in the end time comment than Henry did above: I think we are in the last days of the last days…. if not in the last hours

  5. Sally Jane Dabovich

    Thanks 😊I always appreciate your
    Ideas and comments’. Love you!
    It was wonderful to speak with you ❤️
    Keep doing the files.

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