This past winter, in spite of some challenges in our lives, we managed to do some redecorating/updating of our home in an effort to get rid of stuff and become minimalists. Now we have a garage full of light fixtures, lamps, rugs, wall art, filing cabinets, etc., as well as a collection of 20 Boyd’s dolls and 65 Boyd’s dollstones, the latter taking up most of one of the guest rooms. For those of you who know me well, it should be no surprise I love to create contests and fundraisers. Therefore, we thought it would be just incredibly brilliant to invite neighbors to a fundraiser, charging each person $25 to attend a backyard event on April 22 and follow up one on April 29. As each person arrives, they will draw a number out of a basket, and in numerical order each person will have the privilege of taking away an item in our stash of stuff.  Smashing plan, right?  So invitations went out and responses have been amazing!  In just a little over a week we have received donations of over $1,200.  Our goal is $2,000 so we’re getting closer each day.  That’s the exciting  news.   The sad thing is very few donors want a ticket to attend.  They don’t want our stuff ☹  They just want to donate. What is wrong with this world. I mean seriously, is our taste in furnishings and collectibles so pathetic we can’t even give them away for a mere pittance?! But we are sure you will agree that our problem is one for which we should be forever grateful.  After all is said and done, we will likely still have a garage full  of items to dispose of, but the generosity of our friends and neighbors for the two families who will be helped is a true gift. It has become very interesting that some people are dropping off items they want to get rid of, all really nice things,  but after all is said  and done, our garage will  probably contain  even  more  than we started out with.  Sigh………But now  onward to what is really important about this endeavor!

Tonight we will be attending the Celebration of Life for Jeff Burd, a 51 year old husband and father, who was struck down by a debilitating stroke over 3 years ago. He has been in a care facility all this time, unable to speak or move and had been kept alive by a feeding tube.  Jeff Burd leaves behind his wife, Kempa, and two teenagers, Porter and Presley.  We were blessed to have them share Easter lunch with us where they shared some of their fond memories of this husband and dad.

In the past two months we have become acquainted with another family who has great financial needs.  Christian Fox was 14 years old when he was critically injured last September in a Motocross accident.  A few weeks ago he was finally released from the hospital, but he’s still unable to  speak, walk, eat and requires constant care.  What has amazed us as we try to stop by weekly to see this family (including 13 year old son and 2 year old daughter) is their positive attitudes and beautiful smiles. 

Both of these families have a faith far stronger than we can imagine, especially considering the challenges they face each day.  So now you see why we are trying to turn our “stuff” into dollars to help them.  Our motives may be selfish——get rid of stuff with little or no effort on our part——–but God has turned our selfishness into something that is honoring Him and helping these families.

So, dear readers, we are not asking anything from you but prayers for a successful fundraiser.  Of course, if you out-of-towners would like to visit us, we can likely send you home with a doll or a lamp or a Rosetta Stone French language course, or a rug or a beautiful crystal bowl or Waterford glasses, or any number of interesting items.  For those of you who are local and just learning about this, please contact us if you have any questions or would like to attend the backyard bash.

Matthew 25:40 encourages us with these words from Jesus: “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

Thank you for once again reading my ramblings!

Seriously Charlotte


  1. Linda Johnson

    What a treat to get your message with very, very inspirational stories!! Of course, Charlotte, you draw a reader in by your incredible humor. I don’t know what a Boyd doll is or a dollstone but assume they are collectables from years ago.

    You are an inspiration to many!!! Love, Linda

  2. Linda, I was a tomboy and didn’t care for dolls until after marriage and children. Then I became enamored with Boyd’s dolls and dollstones. I did believe they would become collectibles, but not so much. Should have invested that money in Tesla or Amazon. Ha!!!

  3. Judi Spillman

    Remarkable story of living out Christ’s mission. My mother used to say “we are put here to do more than take up space and consume , but always find ways to make someone’s day brighter” ….she was smart, humble and generous in spite of very limited resources. She would love this account of making someone’s day brighter. Prayers for the families you touch. J

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