Seriously saying goodbye to 2020

It seems like most people we speak with agrees 2020 has been a year like no other, one we would never want to repeat. The year did get off to a fun start when we were able to check an item off our bucket list and enjoy a beautiful cruise to the Panama Canal with good friends from Texas. After that trip, which brought us home in the nick of time before ships were quarantined due to Covid, many things seemed to spiral downward. Friends and family members battled Covid. One of our beloved cats, whose picture and story is covered in one of my previous blogs, became very ill and after several weeks of vet visits and many tests, our boy Hekyl gave up. He is sorely missed in this household (especially by his Alpha Male twin Jekyl) even though it has been almost 3 months since his passing. Then, a few weeks later, Jerry and I came down with Covid so the last part of November and early December is a bit of a blur. On December 24 my brother, Merle Sherman, a giant of a man, went to his heavenly home after struggles with heart disease, diabetes,  Colon cancer, pneumonia and Covid, the latter the final blow that took him to Heaven. Thankfully, the Christmas holidays were brightened with the presence of Jeremy and Aylin here from New York. We reminisced about many stories of my brother and Jeremy’s beloved uncle. Lest you find this message to be one of gloom and doom, allow me to share a story Merle loved to tell. Hope it makes you smile!

Once upon a time three little boys were playing in the park when they found a cute little puppy. They immediately began to squabble over ownership. Each of the boys wanted to lay claim to the puppy. After some arguing and threats of violence, one of the little boys said, “ I know! Let’s sit in a circle and tell the biggest lie we can think of and whoever comes up with the biggest whopper gets to keep the puppy!“ Unfortunately, the pastor of their church was walking through the park at that moment and overheard the plans about the big fat lies. With a forlorn expression and a judgmental demeanor, Pastor Perfect chastised the boys with these words: “Boys, I cannot believe what I just heard. I just cannot believe you would be so greedy that you would resort to telling big lies. When I was your age I would never have dreamed of wanting a puppy so badly that I would tell a lie.” With a big sigh and downcast eyes, one of the little boys looked at the other two and exclaimed, “Give him the puppy!”

As I look over the story as I have shared it to the best of my memory in the way my brother presented it, it certainly does not have the punch like it did when he told the story in person. Merle was a funny man with a great sense of humor and was the most successful and well known auctioneer in a tri-county area. He would often stop in the middle of one of his auctions and share a story like this one, bringing entertainment and laughter to all around him. My family and I will miss the good times with Merle.

You may want to tell your brother or sister or mom or dad or other loved one how much they mean to you before the opportunity slips away.

Healthy, blessed and peaceful 2021! Seriously my 🙏🏻 for you!


  1. Kathleen Barclay

    Oh Char, I’m so sorry to hear about Merle. I know you will miss him! Thanks for sharing the story and I’ll be praying for comfort for you and Jerry! Happy 2021!

  2. Peggy Cupkie

    Oh, Char, we’re so sorry to hear about Merle. You’re right – he could be auctioneering his heart out, we’d walk in, and he stopped in the middle of his rant to acknowledge and welcome us to the crowd. Or I’d see something I wanted on the last table to be presented, and he’d bring it right up as the next item to bid on. And Hekyl – we didn’t know about that loss! You and Jerry keep supporting each other like you always do, and hope you both visit MN again this year. It will be a better visit with suitcases this time, promise! Love you both, Peggy & Lynn

  3. Henry Mungle

    The year 2020 created many unexpected changes for all of us, and dare I say, the world. COVID and politics have played a major part and touched all of us in ways we would never have dreamed. Both, will take prayer and time to get over. Pat and I already gave our condolences and we continue to pray for you and Jerry to fully recover from COVID. Placing our trust and care into a loving God’s hands is our only option as we venture into 2021. Everyone please stay healthy and love each other because that is all most of us have left. Hopefully that is enough.

  4. Roxanne Lillis

    Hugs! So sorry to hear about Merle. He was a good man and seriously funny! He used to stop in for coffee with my Grandma Whitney. He always made sure to tell us it was to see the beautiful ladies not the coffee and donuts! Glad to hear you and Jerry made it through CoVid.

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