Just an short update…seriously!

Because my previous blog was about our cruise to Panama and since so many of you have been checking in to see how it went, I decided to respond here, and I promise no suggestions on how to get through the Corona crisis. You’re getting enough advice from the rest of the world and it’s on TV like 24/7.

The trip was wonderful and uneventful, just relaxing and fun with great friends. We were, however, mighty grateful to return to home and cats. We missed Anthem and social events, and just when we were getting back in the swing of things, everything has been cancelled! A trip to Costco yesterday was a waste of time because the line to enter the store went around the entire building. It’s a huge building so you can understand why we decided it wasn’t worth it to wait in line and possibly find empty shelves by time we were allowed to enter. Fortunately, we have a nice supply of toilet paper which seems to be the big concern across the nation. Toilet paper? Seriously???? In the good old days growing up on the farm in Minnesota, we had a two-seater outdoor toilet with our choice of Sears, Montgomery Ward, JC Penney or Aldens catalogs to assist our business. Heaven forbid the millenials should run out of toidy paper for their spoiled little bottoms!

If you’ve been watching the news (and who hasn’t), you have probably heard Westchester County NY has quite a problem with cases of COVid-19. We have a son who lives there so needless to say we are very concerned about him and the grandkids. His girlfriend is a doctor so that gives us comfort. We also rejoice in knowing God is in control.

Sending our love to all with prayers for good health and strength to face whatever lies ahead. These are serious times, but we have an awesome God who promises to never leave nor forsake us. Amen!


  1. Linda Johnson

    Welcome home from what seems like a blissfully uneventful cruise. It gives one hope that life will continue after Coronavirus Covid 19 is contained. Ha!

    I returned from am equally wonderful (lengthy) trip to France just after the virus began to spread from China to Europe.

    Stay well and so will I. This too shall pass……………

  2. Bess Kirby

    So glad you are back safe and sound. And we will add your son, who is in NY, to our prayer list for God’s blood covering of protection over him and those he loves as it concerns the corona virus. Blessings and love from the Kirbys

  3. Roxanne Lillis

    Glad you are home safe. Saying a prayer for you all and most specially your son and family. We are in lock down mode here, only going out if friends or family needs help. So far the only inconvenience has been two babies born into the family on Saturday and due to smart thinking and planning on the parents part, I may not get to hold them for a while. My daughter is away at school and the school is on lock down so no visits or home visits. So sad about that. Bless you and Jerry, stay safe.

  4. Terry Swearingen

    Glad you guys are back safely and well. We are well prepared, being that we are under threat of hurricanes for 6 months. Toilet paper really!!!! And what are the symptoms of this virus? We were amazed at the panic buying. Ten time worse than a named hurricane bearing down on Florida. People please take a breath and think.

  5. Sue

    Welcome Home! The new Anthem norm is an empty social calendar. You’ll have plenty of time to rest up from the trip, and finish all those to-do lists. Stay well!

  6. Steve Wallin

    We had a great time with Jerry and Charlotte on the cruise. Best trip in a long time.
    Our waiter instantly know how special Charlotte is and she was addressed as “Princess Charlotte” each time in the dining room. And a few times as Queen Charlotte. Who knew there was royalty living in Anthem, LOL. We are glad to be home to Dallas as we missed the family and the dog. But seriously, toilet paper? This is crazy. We hope everyone stays healthy, and in God’s providence we will.

  7. Rosetta Herricks

    Hi Charlotte, It is very likely that you won’t remember who I am but I was introduced to your Blog by my Sister, Della Ann. I have read several of them and am so impressed with the way you write. I wonder if you have ever thought of writing a book. Your stories are so interesting and I love your sense of humor. I look forward to your next posting.

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