On April 23 of this year I posted a blog about the fundraiser we did to rid ourselves of too much “stuff”. In the process much needed funds were donated for two wonderful families we have grown to love. We brought in, through the incredible generosity of friends and neighbors, over $2500. 

Since then a lot has happened that has kept us busy, and blogging has been a low priority. However, a promise was made to post photos and a brief update on these families, so here’s a brief recap and some photos:

The Burd family, the mom and two teenagers, are staying busy with her work and the teens’ many activities. While they continue to miss Jeff, beloved husband and father, they are strong in their faith and are an inspiration to Jerry and me, enriching our lives in numerous ways. In the photo, I am the one in the ragged jeans, next is patriotic Jerry, Kempa, Presley and Porter (holding the family dog).

The Fox family (pictured below) continues to have very difficult challenges.  Since being severely injured in a dirt bike accident last fall, 15-year-old Christian Fox has endured multiple brain surgeries, facial reconstruction, and a bout with bacterial meningitis.  Christian continues to heal, but they have a long, long road ahead of them.  Jerry and I make a brief visit to their home on Wednesday evenings. More often than not, they offer us more encouragement than we do them.  Their smiles and joy, in face of all the adversity, help us keep our “elderly” challenges in perspective. This quote is from Mother Teresa: “I never look at the masses as my responsibility. I look at the individual. I can only love one person at a time.” Our goal is to love one family at a time, and perhaps you can assist. The challenge Jerry and I would like to present you is this. The Fox family could really use help with meals. A meal train was set up for them quite a few months ago, but was discontinued the past few months. Just yesterday the “Meal Train” site has been reactivated. They will not ask for help. It’s just not in their nature, but we are asking for meals for them. Anyone in the Anthem/Arroyo Grande area who is interested in providing perhaps just one meal a month, please take a look at the Meal Train website below the photo.

Pictured is 13 year old Jesse, Christian, Mama Bear Lori, Baby Bear Fiona and Papa Bear Dave (standing behind Christian).

You can view the Meal Train page by clicking the following button and then Click the Link…

Open Meal Train

Until next time, stay happy, healthy and grateful for all the Lord provides. We are grateful for our readers and would love to add your name(s) to our prayer list if you have any requests or concerns.

Smiles & blessings,

Jerry & Charlotte


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