Moses wasn’t the only one who found Ten Commandments……….Seriously!!!!

My college roommate from 53 years ago just sent me an email about the Ten Commandments and what a huge role they played in our Nation’s government in Washington, DC.   The commandment that keeps coming  to  mind is “Thou shall not steal.”  OK, so here’s what happened.  While touring  the sites a couple of weeks ago, I had to  climb all  those stairs at the Lincoln Memorial  to  find a  restroom.  Alone and exhausted and in a good bit of pain by the time I reached the top, I  found no one else in the restroom, but lo and behold, there was a lovely silver bracelet on the ledge by the sink.  Why in the world was it left there in plain sight? I believed if I didn’t take it someone not as honest as me (seriously?) would pick it up and fail to find the owner.  I stuffed that little gem in my coat pocket and hurried down that long flight of outdoor stairs to catch up with my group.  Jerry can tell you I have a mild case of agoraphobia (an anxiety disorder in which you fear and avoid places or situations that might cause you to panic and make you feel trapped, helpless or embarrassed). Had I not located my group right away, panic would have set in.  My intention, seriously,  was to  tell our leader about the bracelet and seek a lost  and  found.  You guessed it. I  forgot about it and didn’t  discover it until back home.  When I took a closer look at this treasure, I was shocked to see the Ten Commandments on it.  Oh no, I stole the Ten Commandments!  What would you have done?  After discussing the situation  with my neighborhood study group, the ones reading “Bad Girls of the Bible”, I  think  some of them came to  the conclusion I’m a bad girl. Sigh………..One said I should have found a “lost and found” place before I  left the area. Another said I should have just left it there. Both scenarios probably true,  but  it wasn’t convenient!  Some felt I was just meant to have that bracelet.  Here’s the steps I took.  First I googled Ten Commandment bracelets, and I promise it looks very much like ones you can purchase online for $12 to $15.  So the monetary value isn’t great. and it’s very obvious this is not sterling; but it could hold sentimental  value to the person who  left it.  Then I phoned the Lincoln Memorial and spoke to someone there who said there had been no  reports of a missing bracelet,  but she referred me to yet another number for the DC Parks Department.  I think  the man at the other  end of the line thought I was crazy for trying to locate the owner of a very inexpensive bracelet.  He said they had no reports.  I asked him if he thought God was trying to tell me something.   He’s  probably still  laughing and telling his friends about some of  the crazies he encounters in his line of work!  Bottom line: Could the Lord be trying to tell me something about being more  diligent in obeying His Commandments?  Or better yet, could He be suggesting it was provided for me  to  give to one of you?  Would love to hear your  thoughts,  but remember “you without sin cast the first stone.” John  8:7 . Did I do the wrong thing by stuffing  it in my pocket and then forgetting about it? Should I have just left it there in case the owner came back for it?   I’m trying to get over the angst of this situation. Seriously!!!!!





  1. God knows the intentions of your heart, as well as the mild dementia moments of the mind, and smiles on you, Char. You have gone more than an extra mile to restore it to the owner. Gift it to a stranger unexpectedly and go in peace, friend!

  2. Linda Johnson

    You did the right thing each time, Charlotte. I think your search has been so sweet and if it doesn’t result in finding the owner, it will be a reminder of your goodness when you wear it.
    Love, Linda

  3. Terry Sereff

    Your intentions were sincere. The Holy Spirit would have nudged you to remember to find a place to turn it in. Maybe it’s purpose was for you to write this blog for all of us to read and think about. You will know at just the right time what you are to do with it. Do not be anxious and fret about this 🙂

  4. Jen broadwater

    Finders keepers losers weepers, I’m pretty sure that was the 11th commandment.
    Being that you were in DC, they surely had cameras in the bathroom and you could call and have security review the whole days tape they see who left it. Then the security guy would get cranky and want to find you and break the first commandment.

    Note to self: lock up my purse when I go clean at Char’s.

  5. Roxanne Lillis

    I don’t consider this as stealing as your intent is to return it to the rightful owner. My nephew (8) lost his wallet at a national park this last summer. On the off chance it was found, his mother called and reported it. A few days later he got a package from a park ranger along with a very sweet letter and an invite to return. The wallet/with his hard earned chore money was returned, intact. I would make one more call to be assured no one has reported it, then pass it on. Perhaps it could be a traveling bracelet. Send it with the story, ask the recipient to add there name to the story and send it along in hopes of someday finding the owner.

    • It’s always a joy to hear from you, long lost cousin! I love your idea of making it a traveling bracelet. I actually wore it the last two evenings to concerts with hopes of seeing someone who just might appreciate it. I didn’t feel moved to give it to anyone, but making it a traveling bracelet could be fun, even though we will likely never know the outcome as to where it ends. Maybe it won’t end but will go around the world! I am so glad your nephew got his wallet back. What a lesson for him and what a blessing! Merry Christmas to all!

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