Lonely holidays, seriously? Then do something about it!!!!

There’s so much to be thankful for as we wrap up Thanksgiving & go into the beautiful Christmas and Hanukkah season.  We thought Thanksgiving would be the most painful one ever since our dear Coleen is now in Heaven. In fact, we thought we’d be alone because the day just crept up on us,  but 4 days before the holiday, a wonderful lady in the neighborhood asked me over for coffee to meet her sweet mother–in-law who had just moved in with them, and she wanted us to become acquainted so I could help this dear lady get integrated into the social scene we older folks enjoy in this community.  We had a delightful visit, and as I was about to leave, they asked me what we were doing for Thanksgiving.  I likely put on the most pitiful face you’ve ever seen (come on….you  know you can just picture that pathetic countenance) and said we’d probably go to Cracker Barrel or Denny’s (yuck!!!!!!). Those places are fine but not for  Thanksgiving, for Pete’s sake! Darling Gail immediately said, “You’re  coming here for Thanksgiving.”  I halfheartedly protested (totally phony act) and exclaimed,”Oh no, you’ll be having a full house.” Yada yada yada.  But she insisted and voila, I have to tell you it was one of  the most perfect days this year.  Eating outside at one long table that seated 20, we marveled and rejoiced at the gorgeous view of mountains and cacti and feasted on food fit for a king.  I was able to forget for those few hours the pain of loss that had been so heavy on the hearts of both Jerry and me.  Now why am I sharing  this story, you may ask? I’ve had a lot of  time to think about all holidays and how many lonely people are out there; and some of them may be right on the streets where we live.  I really felt like the Lord was speaking to my heart saying, “Listen, my child, if this happens again that you’ve received no invitations to share a holiday meal or a meal any other time of the year, ditch the pity party and look around you.  Better yet, ask around.  Find out who needs an invitation to share in festivities in your home.  So today is December 1,  and we are starting to put out feelers for names of those to include around our table on December 25.  If any of you reading this would like to join us or know of  someone who could use an old couple like us to love them, get in touch!  If you’re planning a feast at your home, maybe give some  thought to inviting someone who  may be alone.  Meditate on these words from George Herbert (1593-1633) “Thou hast given me so much….give me one thing more, a grateful heart.”  God  bless you, dear patient readers, who faithfully read my blogs and love me anyway!



  1. Linda Johnson

    Well, dest Charlotte, you did it again. I was in tears by the second paragraph……..your gentle, loving words will resound with many of us. As we enter this blessed season of Advent, I realize again how very, very thankful I am for God’s goodness. Love, Linda

  2. Jan

    Thx for sharing!
    As always you have given us food for thought.
    When we lived in MN and WI we did this a lot .You are so right it fills your heart to do so. We always felt the joy we received was greater than we gave.
    Thinking it is time to restart that tradition.

  3. Peggy Fowler

    Well, dear ‘ole roomie! I LOVE your writing! Little did I know, way back in 1964-65, that my college roomie would turn out to be such a talented writer. I look forward to your blogs. Wish you and Jerry would make another trip out our way. We’d love to see you again. Love,

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