Knick knacks or Kitty Cats? Seriously!

A few weeks ago we heard a crashing sound which could have been an intruder smashing a window. We rushed to the living room to find yet another knick knack had met its demise . Hekyl and Jekyl found a ceramic candle holder that seemed like a good toy to bat around. You can guess what happened. In our endeavor to become minimalists and slowly get rid of stuff, the kitties have taken it upon themselves to help speed up the process. Are pets worth all the trouble they cause? What about all the expenses with food (they are picky eaters), vet bills, toys, kitty condo? Some of you would likely say no, but for us these two beautiful black charmers are a little bit of Heaven on earth. Most mornings I awake to find Jekyl snuggled between Jerry and me (slipped into bed sometime during night). Hekyl is usually at my feet or near my shoulder. He especially seems to sense when I’m not feeling the best. These little guys are a loving and calming presence in our lives. Yes, they are often naughty and responsible for broken dishes, candle holders, and at least one lamp. Unlike humans, they have never broken our hearts,  and they daily offer their unconditional love. As Father Tim pointed out in Patches of Godlight  “Noah was a brave man to sail in a wooden boat with two termites.”  I’m so very happy Noah remembered to take cats!  What say you? Knick knacks or kitty cats?


  1. Linda Johnson

    Your stories always make me laugh!! This one was no exception……hilarious. I well remember OUR cat, Groucho, who use to peer down at you and/or Jerry through the skylight in your bathroom! Yes!! What memories……….love, Linda

  2. Roxanne Lillis

    As I read this my new kitty is peacefully purring at my feet. He is waiting for me to shut off the light and go to sleep so he can sneak in closer. He hasn’t broken much, but he has a horde of stuffed animals under my bed. The kids drag them out and he finds them and brings them back. Such personalities they have.

  3. Mary Wildmann

    While our life style is not conducive to pet ownership we of course see the value in it!! The “broken dishes, candle holders, and at least one lamp” are just things. You will never find those thing snuggled in to bed with you or sensitive to how you feel. I am glad you have your kitties to love!

  4. Marlene

    Very cute – all family members. Yes, our furry family members bring us so much joy and companionship. For us it’s the dogs. I’d love to have a cat but the other person living here is not a cat person.

  5. Suzanne

    That was so cute, Char! There is nothing better than an animal in the home. We sure miss our Napoleon! It is fun to see your two fun ones whenever we are over. Enjoy them! I can sense how much they enjoy you and Jerry!

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