Easy Hard Boiled Eggs! Seriously?

You’ve seen the TV commercials for gadgets that do everything except make the bed and do the laundry.  So many times over the years I have let myself be lulled into believing the ads that say “it slices, it dices, it chops and purees. It makes you happy and joyful and life is a breeze.”  My latest acquisition is the silicone egg cooker.  This six pack wonder is supposed to make perfect hard boiled eggs without the shell; and let me tell you when Jerry and I saw the commercial for this wondrous gem, we both were so excited you’d have thought we’d just won the lottery.  It’s because we both love egg salad sandwiches and potato salad with more eggs in the salad than potatoes, but neither of us enjoy peeling eggs.  We balked at the $20 plus price for a pack of six, but lo and behold,  I found the same product on a site we frequently view looking for bargains. It was only a couple of bucks so how could we go wrong? Waiting for the package to arrive was almost as exciting as awaiting our first born child those many years ago (without the swollen ankles and mood swings.  Side note: first born will be 49 next week on Jerry’s birthday.   Where do the years go?  Ah, but I digress yet again. Now back to the eggs.  We don’t know what we did wrong,  but  we tried doing two separate batches. The first time we used organic brown eggs and a pan that was a tight squeeze for the containers, but they didn’t tump  over.  The eggs came out  looking nothing like the perfect oval, flawless eggs  on the TV commercial.  

For the second batch we used free range white eggs and a larger pan so the containers weren’t all squished in, but with all that room, they just tumped over and water got in the containers. It took twice as long using this product than cooking the eggs the old fashioned way.  Here’s where we need your help! Seriously, if you have this product and have had great results like those perfect TV eggs, please do share the secret with us.  In the meantime, I’m  going back to my favorite sister’s method for hard boiled eggs.  Actually, Mar is my only sister,  and she has shared many words of wisdom over the years. However, it took her 72 years to tell  me the secret of perfect boiled eggs.  Recipe follows:

Bring water to rolling boil. Add eggs (a spaghetti server is perfect for slipping eggs in one at a time)  and simmer for 15 minutes.  Remove from heat and using spaghetti server or large ladle, slip  the eggs into ice water for 5 minutes.  When cool enough to handle you will find they really do peel quite easily. Effective immediately, we are going back to this  method, thanks to sister dear!

I think the silicone egg cooker set will make a great white elephant gift! We may throw in  some of our other “bargains” that turned out to be nothing like they were represented on TV commercials.

On a serious note, it was so wonderful to hear from so many after my last blog either with your email or comments on the blog page.  My strength is returning, and we have much to be thankful for including dear ones like you!

“I thank my God every time I remember you.” Philippians 1:3




  1. Kathy Feola

    Boy, am I glad you posted this product in your Blog. I love Hard Boiled Eggs & was considering purchasing this. I hardly ever believe TV ads (except the purchase of ‘My Pillow’ which I like). You saved us time & money because if it didn’t do what it claimed I would have returned it. Looking forward to seeing you & Jerry soon. Our prayers are always with you.

  2. Ginger

    Great story Char!! I bought a Pampered Chef micro wave egg cooker and before I even had a chance to use it, PC sent out a warning note about the proper way to use it. I still haven’t used it and now may be even more reluctant…and it only does one egg at a time. My tried and true way to cook eggs is to ask Fritz to do them. That method works every time. I tell him that I can’t cook them as well as he does. So there you have it – feign ignorance and it shall be done for you! I love your posts, Char and I’m happy to hear that you are feeling a little better!

  3. Linda Johnson

    Hysterical as always, Charlotte. I don’t eat eggs in any form…not free range, not white, brown or colored for Easter. Not hard boiled, not soft boiled, not poached, no omelets (however, I happily eat eggs in cakes or cookies!). Also, I am a dinosaur so I never shop on line and rarely watch TV so I don’t have the pleasure of seeing the ads. A pity, I know, but it’s the way things are.

    Thrilled you are feeling stronger. Be sure to celebrate in grand style next week for Jerry’s birthday. Love, Linda

  4. Peggy Fowler

    Char-Dear ‘ole roommate: I just love you and Jerry. I’m with you two in liking the deviled eggs, etc. as you described; but, alas, Don doesn’t like any of that!!! (Because you have to use mayonnaise or salad dressing)! Anyway, I LOVED reading about your escapades with the egg “thingy”!!!!
    Maybe someone else who reads the blog will have an idea of what you are doing wrong. I really want that thing to work for you guys. Love, Peg

  5. Linda

    I make my hard-boiled eggs the same way as your sister! However, I have actually purchased a couple of items from t.v. ads that really do work well. I guess I was
    just lucky!

  6. Kathleen Barclay

    This is great! I love hard boiled eggs!!!! I’m so glad you’re gaining your strength back from Bronchitis, etc.! God is so good, isn’t He! Love you! Kathleen 🙂

  7. Cherry Leslie

    Well, that’s great to know! My hard-boiled eggs are hit or miss. Someone once told me that very fresh eggs are extremely difficult to peel, but if they are a few days old, they peel easily. But sometimes you need your egg salad that day. You don’t have time to wait a few days to make sure they’re easy to peel, you know? So I’m glad to learn your sister’s recipe!!!

  8. Susan Nothwehr

    Glad to hear you are feeling better Char. We missed seeing you the last few weeks. We are back in Iowa now.
    I think I’m beginning to get MahJongg.

  9. Glenda

    Charlotte….so happy to here you are feeling better. The egg story is a hoot!!! Always love reading your stories, each one a treasure like you👍
    I “do” hard boiled eggs the old fashion way, like your sister, and feel success every time the egg almost falls out of the shell, doesn’t take much for me to jump up and down

  10. Brenda

    Entertaining as always Dear Char 😘 We send Birthday greetings to Jerry and are glad to hear you are feeling better. Spring has finally come to MN. We had our first cocktail at sunset on our patio by the lake last night. We hope you have time to join us some time this summer.

  11. Deb

    I had a similar experience with a handy dandy pineapple slicer. My engineer husband could not even get the darn thing to work!! We live and learn. Enjoyed your story. sending love and prayers to you

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