My first blog was about Esther Goldman, a wonderful woman who greatly influenced Jerry’s career path.  In this season of joy  and thankfulness, I would  be remiss if I failed to share one person who changed my life dramatically.  You’ve probably seen the 1991 movie “What About Bob?” and if not, you should see this hilariously funny story of  a guy named Bob.  Our family has watched it several times and probably will again over the holidays.  The Bob who influenced my life is the total opposite of the Bob in the movie.  In 1974 we were living in Stafford,  Texas, trying our best to parent 4 young children (two little nieces in addition  to our two sons).  Jerry was working full time at Texas Instruments while attending night classes at college.  I was selling real  estate,  and even though I was moderately successful, I  hated nearly every minute of it.  I could tell you stories about closings that would curl your hair.  There were times it was easier to just reduce my commission rather than  lose a  customer. Rejection was  painful, and bitter tears and a sad mood followed me like a black cloud when I  didn’t  get a listing I’d tried so  hard to snag.  Then  along  came Bob,  one of  the best things that ever happened to me.  I was holding an open house on a Sunday afternoon.  It wasn’t even my listing, but I agreed to help another agent.  Bob and his gorgeous  wife,  Judy, stopped by on their way to a  Houston Oiler’s game. They already lived in the neighborhood and didn’t  need a  home, but Judy loved to look at houses.   Long story short: we became friends! As time went by, Bob became concerned that I was burning the candle at both  ends while trying to be a mom to four.  He suggested I go into marketing at IBM where he was the Branch Manager.  The hours would be a typical 40 hour week with no weekend work involved.  No way, Jose!  I knew by then that I hated sales.  So Bob got  me  set up with an interview for an admin position, and he made it very clear the  ONLY way I  would be hired was on  my own merits. No nepotism!  I was hired because of good typing skills and had a wonderful 14 year career with the best company in  the world, with the best benefits, and opportunities  galore.  So in  this season of  thanksgiving, let me sing praise and pass on words of love and appreciation to 80 year old Bob Bowman, a man Jerry and I  both love and treasure.  Praise for  Judy also,  because she is truly that amazing woman behind the man! Now I urge you to take a few moments to phone, write or personally say thanks to an Esther or Bob in your life. Seriously!!!


  1. Glenda

    My special lady was Dar my neighbor and angel!!!
    When Laura was diagnosis end with cancer at age 3 and I needed to take Laura for radiation treatments everyday for 5 weeks, Dar had dinner waiting for me when I returned for an hour long drive back home from Milwaukee!
    I would be so appreciative and amazed each time she brought the dinner over at 5:30, and I would say how can you keep doing this? And she would reply, ” oh I still think my 8 children are home and I always cook too much, no problem, there is too much for me and my husband to eat”!!!!
    Some people are just so kind and generous, they can’t help it❤️❤️❤️

  2. Linda

    My Bob is the best! We met in a car going home for Thanksgiving from Ohio State, and that was it. By February, we were engaged, and we were married
    the following September–nine months from the time we met. We have had a wonderful 55 years of being married, and we still love each other more than I can
    say! I am so lucky to have Bob in my life!

  3. Linda Johnson

    Thank you Charlotte for another inspiring and fabulous story!! I feel honored to have known you through all these years despite the fact we rarely see each other. That strong bond is still strong!

    Love you, Linda

  4. Brenda

    Merry Christmas Char & Jerry! I truly enjoy reading your blog and look forward to each one!
    My “Bob” is a dear friend named Lisa, who helped guide me through the first few years of learning how to live after the death of our sweet Rachel. She was my Angel Mentor and became my dear friend during the process of raising the money to bring the Christmas Box Angel of Hope to Perham. I am sure I have many other “Bob’s” in my life, but she is the one on my heart today.

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