What a fun and whirlwind weekend from last Thursday night through Sunday evening when I had the amazing privilege of flying to Washington, DC with local Madrigal Choir Director, Nancie Tobison, her group of more than a dozen singers and chaperones.  We met up in DC with the Barrington Village Singers from Illinois, a group Nancie has taken to the White House for  the past 10 years. What a blessing to join them for the 11th year!  We participated in tours of the News Museum,  the new Museum of the Bible, the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam  Memorial, Korean Memorial and other famous sites.  We thoroughly enjoyed the musical “Amazing Grace” at the Museum of the Bible.  Saturday was the highlight of the trip when the first notable item on the agenda was an opportunity for our Anthem youth to sing at the historical old post office  building that is now a Trump Hotel.  Then it was on  to the White House where our youth did beautiful renditions of Christmas songs in  the large rotunda area of  the White House.  While  they were entertaining  the crowds passing through, the adult choir was able to  view  many of  the  White House rooms, decorated so elegantly.  Then we adults had our turn singing for about 90 minutes. We wrapped up around 4:00  PM,  feet hurting (at least mine) and happy to have it over!  Then, lo  and behold, Nancie received word from a White House staffer that the President was on his  way back  from NYC to the White House via helicopter and wished to  have the opportunity to meet us.  About 5:30 PM the helicopter landed with a flurry of activity  and excitement.  The President shook hands of those of us lined up along  the walkway and took  time to  say a few words to nearly everyone.  When it was my turn I  just said, “I love you, Mr. President”, and he responded,  “I  love you, too”. Then he put his  hand on  my shoulder and said something like “it’s getting better” or “things are getting  better.”  I don’t know  for  sure.   I was so rattled!  Not everyone is a supporter of President Trump, but I saw firsthand the warmth he exudes.  My friend, Peggy Foster, made the Today show the next morning because the camera had caught her lovely face in the crowd! She’s still walking on Cloud 9!

To  conclude our unforgettable day, we cruised down the Potomac River on a 400 foot dinner vessel. The food was delicious and plentiful,  but I think we would have been happy even if it had  been sawdust.  Why did I get to go on this splendid journey? I’m  still  asking myself that very question!  Certainly not because of great singing ability but because of a friend who loves me, flaws and all.  That’s how God views us, His  children, with unconditional love, imperfect though we may be.  Some have told me I’m lucky because it  seems  so many exciting things happen in my life.  Quite frankly,  I  don’t believe in luck.   I believe I was just  blessed to be in  the right place at the right  time with the right friend, and it was all orchestrated by God who knows just  what I needed for a time  such as this. Seriously!





  1. Sharon Link

    Oh sure! What a beautiful experience for you! Remember the times we prayed for him and Bible study and prayed for a country and then there you are shaking and soun oh sure! What a beautiful experience for you! Remember the times we prayed for him in Bible study and prayed for country and then there you are shaking his hand! Can’t wait to see you in person so you can tell us all about it again. Merry Christmas my friend! Couldn’t of happened to a better Republican LOL

  2. Chris Canning

    You are beautiful, funny and such a good person! I loved your story. You deserve such a wonderful experience! In the light of so much negative press around our White House, I love your positive attitude and your ability to be yourself.

  3. Linda Johnson

    I’m thrilled you had the opportunity last weekend to visit DC and the White House, as well as many beautiful places. I was there for Thanksgiving week with Holly, Ross, Lauren and Jack; went to the Museum of the Bible and also saw “Amazing Grace”. However, we didn’t sing at the WH. Some people just have the golden touch.

    I’m not a fan at all of the current administration but I’m very happy your experience was so wonderful. Love, Linda

  4. Kim Hintze

    I’m so happy for you, that I started bawling, reading this to my husband. So happy you got this wonderful opportunity, and that you got to meet the President! You deserved every second of this,
    not only because of your talent, but because you are a beautiful, amazing, inspiring woman.

  5. Evelyn Wright

    I love this! I had the pleasure of hearing the Barrington singers one Christmas when my husband and I lived in Barrington, Illiinios. I was with my mother -in-law. I will never forget it!
    I can only imaginewhat it was like for you. Then to meet the President! I’m truly envious. I’m a fan of the “Make America great again” president. …to meet him in person, wow! You are blessed. Now I must here the Anthem youth sing. As for you, I’m expecting a private concert!

  6. Julie Brown

    Wow! I can’t believe your luck. I was hoping you would get to see the President since I have seen so many reports of him stopping to greet visitors in the past. I hope he is right and things get better! It sounds you stayed healthy throughout the trip – that was a whirlwind for sure! Can’t wait to see the pics…

  7. Claudia Denney

    That sounds wonderful. I am so happy you had the opportunity to see everything and meet the President. I would love to meet him.

    Merry Christmas to you both.
    Love you,
    Claudia & Harold

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