It has been over a year since Jerry set up this blog site for me, and finally last week I posted the first blog.  However, only the ladies in my Thursday Bible study have been told about it!  That wouldn’t be a big deal, but I’m feeling guilty because friends have said they’d like to see some of my writings (or rantings), whatever the case may be.  Our Thursday group started a new study “Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World” which is all about two sisters with very different personalities and priorities.  While I’d like to be a Mary, one who sits quietly and listens to what God has to say, I’m really a Martha, a very frustrated Martha who has all these plans and bright ideas but just procrastinates like the dickens. Just this morning I found so many things that just had to be done, like getting that first load of laundry started, make a Costco shopping list, feed the cats, clean their litter, take my meds, eat just a quick bite, watch last night’s recording of the news.   After all, maybe the world came crashing down during the night and we didn’t know about it!  That would certainly be a game changer, right? Of course, one of the top priorities was dashing to the computer at 7:00AM when Amazon Prime Elite Deals for the day hit the net. I wasn’t quick enough to get my first or second choices, but whoopee, I was able to order a 12 oz. 100% Natural Antibacterial Exfoliator-Best Fungal Treatment that prevents acne, dandruff, calluses, athlete’s foot and jock itch.  This amazing product for only $1.20 that retails for $11.99!  Do either Jerry or I have any of these conditions?  Well, no, but who know when that acne or other aforementioned ailment will hit?  FINALLY, after tending to all these things, I sat down with the book and did my reading and praying.  I did ask God’s forgiveness for getting my priorities skewed and for His help the rest of this day and especially all the tomorrows remaining in this procrastinator’s life.  HOPELESS PROCRASTINATOR?  I hope and pray that isn’t the case.  I am seriously going for a change in priorities and will start by making a list of all the things I want to accomplish and then number them by importance.  Hope this helps you as it has helped me just by writing this. As Dr. Laura would say, “go take on the day!”  And as Larry the Cable Guy would say, “Git’r done!”


  1. Laurie Robinson


    I ADORE you! I love “The Charlotte Files” and particularly this one because of the Amazon Elite Deal Club….lol! I am so you 🙂 My problem is I plan on getting on the site at 7 or 11 and then start doing other things and miss it by 15 minutes so there is nothing left….which actually makes my husband very happy…haha!

    Keep writing and I will keep reading.

    You are amazing my friend!

  2. Roxanne Lillis

    Your idea of a prioritized list is awesome. We must be related, as I am thinking I should put that on my list of things to do if I ever stop procrastinating long enough to compile a list.

  3. Martha Walkington

    Interesting you should mention Mary and Martha! I have a sister, Mary and I am Martha, a true Martha until I retired anyway. Now it seems I let things slide and figure they will get done in due time. Life is a lot less stressful for me and those around me that way.
    Both sisters are loved for being themselves. It is time to slow down and be a Mary. There should be no guilt. God loves you and so do I!

  4. Jan

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS NEW ADVENTURE FOR YOU! I can’t wait to see posts from the Char I know so well who is unafraid to tell it like it is. Go get ’em, girl! You have a lifelong and loyal fan in Gilbert, AZ!

  5. Julie Brown

    Well, I really enjoy your writing because you write just like you talk! You are funny and I know it’s a cover up but at least people laugh. I try to be funny and people just look at me expecting an explanation. I did not know about the Amazon deal – I bet my husband knows but probably doesn’t want me to know! Of course at our age we are trying to downsize and purge not add to our piles of crap we don’t use. I will continue to read your blog, but if I don’t comment, don’t think I didn’t like it, I probably just got too busy. Love you Auntie!

    Your Niece

  6. Connie Spilhaus

    As Dr. Laura would say, “go take on the day!” And as Larry the Cable Guy would say, “Git’r done!”

    You’ve been on my list for toooo long-so glad to be on this list-guaranteed to be fun, just like you! Will write more after I get caught up-Karl and I are just back from trip to Norway. Loads of love to you and Jerry X

  7. Terry Swearingen

    Flight back from Tuscon caused me to get a cold. This is the first opportunity to read your blog.
    I don’t due the Amazon thing but one of the first things I do is to pick up the phone and get the news of the day. Of course, instead of picking up the book. Picking up the book would provide a whole lot better view of the world than the news.

  8. Claudia

    I love your blog, Char! You are doing a great job of being yourself!
    I just actually sat down to read it today, since, as you might imagine, I am also a bit of a procrastinator. I wanted to wait until I had everything done and could just sit and enjoy! Rather like waiting until one is rich to have the first child. Just not going to happen, so I decided today was the day to sit down with you and read your blog. I’m so glad I did!
    You keep writing and I’ll keep reading! Love and miss you!

  9. Ginger

    Hi Char, you have described my day to a T!! Well, except for the thing about Costco. Fritz does all the grocery shopping, but I do make the lists! By the time I push away from my laptop each, it is almost lunch time an then it is nap time (I have to take a nap…the dogs count on it!)…and then I have to check Facebook and eMail! That Thank You note continues to sit on my desk…waiting, justing waiting for the note and stamp! Thank you so much for your blog! I am going to mix up my day today. I think I will take a step or two to get organized in at least one part of my life and get that card in the mail TODAY. Today is the day!!

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