Postcards from the Edge…….SERIOUSLY????

Back in 1990 there was a movie “Postcards from the Edge” so starting about a year ago when anonymous postcards kept finding their way into our mailbox, I was quite puzzled.  Over the past year some have been addressed to me and others to both Jerry & me.  There’s never a clue who the sender might be and even those with postmarks have different cities of origin, such as Providence, Wichita, Albuquerque, Dallas, Orlando, Sacramento, Boise, Bismarck, and the remainder with illegible postmarks.  They all have different quotes or Scripture verses.   One of my favorites has a sketch of a typewriter and gives these words of encouragement, “Never feel unqualified to change the world. God is looking for people with a willing heart, not a perfect resume.”  Well, hallelujah! Perhaps He can even use me AND YOU!  Another one that arrived November last year right after my very painful knee surgery challenged me with this quote ‘Prayer isn’t about the ANSWERS. It’s about the OPPORTUNITY to see God at work.” They are all encouraging and amazing but one that has sketch of a travel trailer (hint, hint to my husband to take me on more trips NOT in a tiny trailer but preferably to a 5-star resort) gives this awesome advice “Your WHOLE world can be shaken but it’s not going to change anything about God or HIS character. He’s the source of stability in our lives and the ROCK to which we can cling.”

The year of postcards is over, and I still don’t know who the anonymous friend is who initiated this process, but I’m hoping it’s someone who is reading this blog because this is the ONLY WAY I know how to say thank you for bringing so many blessings into our lives with these words of encouragement.  Postcards from the edge?  I think not!  These are postcards a precious person ordered from a company called Postcard Promises. Their website is and I’m including that info just in case you want to anonymously bless someone in the coming year.  Whoever you are, THANK YOU SO MUCH for blessing Jerry & me and making difficult days and discouraging news a little easier to bear.

By the way, my son encouraged me to keep my blogs short. He says you lose people if it’s more than a paragraph.  Maybe my next blog will be the speech he wrote about us 15 years ago for our 35th anniversary.  Interested?  Please say yes because I’m running out of ideas!


  1. Peggy Fowler

    I LOVED everything about this blog. ( I would have read longer, too.). I was not the one who sent the postcards, but that was a terrific idea. I’d like to read the speech your son wrote!
    Love from your old college roommate!

  2. Jacque

    Charlotte, please keep writing. Write about your thoughts, the realizations you have come to in your life, what you are doing and your experiences. I enjoy reading what you write.

  3. Linda Johnson

    In my humble opinion, your letters (blogs? journals?) are fabulous…….no need to shorten them to one paragraph. After all, we are not children who can’t concentrate for more than 2 minutes. Your writing style is filled with joy and great humor.

    I love the “postcards from the edge” saga and the mystery of the wonderful person who sent frequent words of encouragement. Thanks for including the web site for the postcard company.

    Blessings to you dear Charlotte……….love, Linda

  4. Jan

    With all the house moving I do, it could be me sending those postcards from different lands! I am ashamed to say it is not, but I am in awe of the person who thinks so highly of you and Jerry that he/she takes the time to regularly forward their love in a such a creative and loving way. What a wonderful friend!

    Write away at your heart’s content, dear girl, …and please tell you son we love him.

  5. Roxanne Lillis

    Love your blogs and would love to hear what your son had to say about you. When my sister was going through her cancer trials… for many years a woman she had never met sent her beautiful postcards every month with words of encouragement. She had gotten a phone call on a prayer chain and felt that God had put it on her heart to do that. Those postcards ment so much to my sister. They eventually met and remained connected until my sisters death.

  6. Peggy

    Oh my goodness, Char. You are a talented wordsmith and ANYTHING you write would be entertaining to read. Whether it is thought provoking or funny kind of does not matter. We can all relate to it somehow. I am just so impressed you are doing it!! Blessings, Peggy

  7. Jen broadwater

    How come the only postcards I receive are stamped, “overdue” and “final notice”? You are definitely blessed to have a secret postcard giver.😀

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