It’s been encouraging to hear from many of you who have missed my crazy blogs. Thank you!!!!

We were away much of June with 14 days cruising Alaska.  We aren’t wild about cruising, but it’s a way to avoid cooking, cleaning, and laundry. We met lots of nice people and especially enjoyed Alvin and Lana from Layfayette, LA. and Mike and Diane from Boise, Idaho.  The latter taught us a new card game “Pennies from Heaven”. Great fun!!! We are hoping both couples stay in touch and even come visit us in the sizzling desert. Both before and after the cruise we spent a total of 5 days in Seattle with longtime friends, David and Lynne.

Today is exciting because we are driving to Flagstaff to get out of the heat and celebrate for several days with dear friends, Don and Kay.  I am happy to report the computer geek has put up with me for 51 years as of July 1.  He is preparing coffee and toast for me this moment. It just doesn’t get any better, especially when the toast is covered with almond butter, cinnamon and honey 😊.  To kick off the anniversary weekend, last night our friends Chuck and Julie took us to dinner for an early celebration.  Julie also takes care of our babies, Hekyl and Jekyl, when we travel. Life is good. Friends are awesome!

Some of you have chastised me for failing to post pictures on Facebook. Here’s the deal: Jerry doesn’t care to take pictures and neither do it. Thus, we only have about 3 pictures from our trip.  Jerry never posts on Facebook, and he discourages me from participating in this or any social media. I have to trust the geek because he also informed me the only way Facebook makes money is by selling your data!  Just think about this possibility. If we ever have to go into the Federal Witness Protection Program, wouldn’t it be a nightmare for the agents to track down and delete all our photos?  Once something is posted on Facebook, it takes almost an act of Congress to get it permanently deleted.  Now you know why we don’t like or trust Facebook.  We just don’t want to put the lives of Federal Agents in danger.  It could happen. Seriously!!!! We are experienced at this, folks.  We moved 8 times during our 25 years in Texas, always just one step ahead of the Texas Rangers (the law enforcement team, not the sports team).

We always try to remember to thank the Lord for each of you wonderful people who have touched our lives in such beautiful ways over the years.  Stay happy, healthy and out of the Witness Protection Program,  and remember freedom isn’t free.  Just sayin’………………………………………….


  1. Linda Johnson

    Loved the news and the fact you are about to celebrate your 51st. wedding anniversary. HAPPY, HAPPY FOREVER TOGETHER!!!!

    It made me smile about Facebook. As you know, I don’t use it (or any social media) because I had my own very special agent to remind me of the dangers posed by becoming so public.

    Love to you both……..Linda

  2. Peggy Cupkie

    Dear Char,
    Seeing your e-mail just now was a “Godwink,” as I’ve been wondering where you’ve been with your blog! Happy 51st Anniversary to two of my favorite people!!! We’ll have to toast when you’re here – so happy you’re coming to MN soon!
    Love you both,
    The “Cupcakes”

  3. Phoebe Tomlinson

    Char, I have been thinking and thinking about you and here you are with a perfectly legit explanation for your absence 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you two in MN in July! Congrats on your 51st anniversary! We celebrated 60 years on May 31st, 2018. Very low-key celebration but just right!!

  4. Linda

    Happy 51st Anniversary as of tomorrow! Enjoy your special day!

    We have definitely missed you, and we hope to see you soon.

    I hope you are both doing well.



  5. Ginger

    Happy Anniversary! That is quite an accomplishment! Fritz and I love cruising…and yes, no cooking, cleaning or laundry! It is absolutely decadent! Love your blog! Ginger

  6. Brenda

    Happy Anniversary 🌹❤️🍰🎉🥂 another entertaining blog my friend. We did the Alaska Cruise two years ago and we loved it! Hope to see you while you are in MN this month.

  7. Steve Wallin

    Congrats on 51 years. Jerry really is a saint – ha ha. Glad you got out of the heat for a bit. We did a short Alaska cruise many years ago, but hope to do a longer one with time for some touring in Alaska. I’m in Jerry’s camp on social media – I do not have a Facebook account or any other account for that matter. Hope to see you soon.

  8. Kathleen Barclay

    I’m just now reading this…so I am late in congratulating you on 51 years!!! How awesome is that and I’m sure the cruise was amazing! I’m glad for Jerry’s advice on Facebook, but really never used it anyway. Glad you’ve outrun the law all these years 😉 Take care, and I hope to come see you when the weather is a little better out there!

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